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 Madison County - Anderson, Indiana

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IRLP Guidelines
Operating Guide for IRLP Node 4834 on the
147.09 Repeater, CTCSS of 110.9 Required
Query current Node status                     Dial "00"
To Connect                                                 Dial "4 digit Node Number"
To Disconnect                                           Dial "73"
Operating Etiquette
Identify         Identify your station before bringing up a link and after
                      taking down a link. IDs are required with any control   
Slow              IRLP is not as fast as simplex or local repeater
Down            contacts, therefore you must key your transmitter and
                      wait for a moment before speaking. Otherwise the
                      beginning of your transmission will not be heard.
Pause           Pause between transmissions! especially on Reflectors.
Pause           Many repeaters run half duplex links to there IRLP node,
Pause           therefore they can only disconnect between
Reflector?   IRLP nodes support only a single connection to another
                     node or "Reflector." Reflectors support many incoming
                     connections. Every node connected to the same
                     reflector talks to every other node connected, i.e. a
                     conference bridge type service. All reflector node
                     numbers begin with 9. New operators should connect to
                     9250 or 9200 and call for a contact.
Please see For more information. 


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