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 Madison County - Anderson, Indiana

Stormnet Information Links

To see Stormnet 2010 information, Including spotters locations, Madison County Stormnet Information, and logs:
Click here for more information on Stormnet


With spring coming on and the possiblity of flooding, below is a list of the stream measurement locations in our area.
Just click on the name of the one you are interested in. A new page will open with a lot of information about that location.


Edgewater Park

Raible Ave.


Killbuck Creek at Scatterfield Rd.



Steve Riley WA9CWE has submitted an article on the history of the Madison County Skywarn/Stormnet Orginaztion. Take a look an see the history of this group.
Click here to see a history for Madison County Skywarn/Stormnet.