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Mon, Aug 20, 2018
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-= About Anderson Repeater Club Weather
The Anderson Repeater Club Weather page is run and maintained by the Anderson Repeater Club.  Facilities are provided by the Madison County Emergency Management Agency. 

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Weather Station
Our weather station is located at the operations center of the Madison County Emergency Management Agency in Linwood, nearly the geographical center of Madison County, Indiana.  The station is approximately 6 miles north of downtown Anderson on 600 North between State Road 9 and Madison Avenue.  We are located very near the communities of Anderson, Chesterfield, Alexandria, and Elwood.

Our station is a wireless Davis Vantage Pro 2 with an additional temperature sensor.  Our temperature gauge is located six feet off of the ground in a grassy area far from any buildings or asphalt that might cause unreliable temperature readings.  Our rain gauge is located on top of the temperature gauge and includes a heating element to measure any snowfall as liquid.  A second temperature sensor is located under the main temperature gauge at a depth of four inches in the soil, providing accurate soil temperature data.  Our anemometer is at a height of 45 feet, or 33 feet above any nearby obstruction (as to best comply to the standards set by the National Weather Service).  There are no nearby trees to obstruct the performance of the anemometer.

We are using Virtual Weather Station to run our weather station.   We are also using Ambient Software's WeatherFlash software to provide real-time streaming data that is available 24/7.  All of our systems are on a backup power supply and have power available from an emergency generator.

-= Accuracy

A goal with this weather station is to have as accurate weather data as is possible.  In keeping with this goal, we submit all our weather data to CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program).  CWOP checks weather data on a daily basis, using nearby weather stations to assist in calibration and detection of erring sensors. 

If you are curious how accurate our data is, you can see for yourself!  Our goal is to maintain green check-marks on all tested data (let us know if you see a red X).

-= Photos

Davis Pro 2 Console

Davis Weather Station


Road Temperture Sensor