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Sun, Jun 24, 2018
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-= Madison County Stormnet
In the event of severe weather, the Madison County Emergency Management Agency Communications Division (made up of Amateur Radio and RACES members) holds a severe weather net on 146.820.  This frequency can be picked up on nearly all radio scanners in service today.  Anyone is welcome to monitor this frequency in the event of severe weather.

Madison County Stormnet goes through several stages of activation:

Standby: Severe weather is possible through the day.  The frequency will periodically say "Storm Watch" or "Tornado Watch" to encourage members of the Communications Division to monitor the frequency and prepare to be dispatched in the event of severe weather.

Ready: Severe weather is approaching Madison County.  A net control station will activate the net and all available Communications Division members will check-in and indicate their level of availability (A1 - Available for immediate dispatch, A2 - Available for dispatch shortly, A3 - Assisting from home and unavailable to be dispatched, A4 - Currently assisting at the Emergency Operations Center).

Active: Communications Division members have been dispatched to designated observation points in the county.

Dispatched observers will use a designation (i.e. Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, etc) to communicate the point to which they were assigned.  These pre-determined locations are picked to maximize the ability of our spotters to cover the county while having excellent visibility.  The following map will help those listening to our net in knowing where the observations are being reported.