Affiliated Organizations:

Madison County Emergency Management Agency

Madison County Amateur Radio Club
American Radio Relay League
Indiana Repeater Council

Repeater Frequencies:

PL = 110.9
Located in Downtown Anderson
Antenna height 250 feet

147.090 w/ILRP
PL = 110.9
Located on the Southside of Anderson
Antenna height 150 feet

PL = 110.9
Located on the Southside of Anderson
Antenna height 250 feet


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Welcome to the Anderson Repeater Club website. We are a group of amateur radio operators (hams) who support three repeaters in Anderson, Indiana. We meet on the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:00 PM at the Madison County Emergency Operations Center located at 200 N. Delaware St. in Anderson. All are welcome to attend. Click on the "Membership" link above for more information about us.

The Anderson Repeater Club is a group of amateur radio operators, mostly from Madison County, Indiana, who are dedicated to the following activities:

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Contact Information:

Our mailing address is:
Anderson Repeater Club
P. O. Box 615
Anderson, IN 46015

You may send E-mail to our webmaster, Tim Galbraith, KB9VE, at