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Weather Radars

These links will produce geometrically corrected radar images derived from the National Weather Services' radar site.
All radar displays are automatically refreshed every three minutes.

Three-radar display
covering Indiana and Illinois

National Radar
A mosaic of radars covering the 48 states. This display is automatically refreshed every five minutes. Due to the time required to synchronize all the radars, there is a lag in producing the images. See timestamp in lower-left corner.

Live thumbnails of 16 radars
Click on any thumbnail to see the full-sized radar image in a new window

Half-size version of three-radar display

Terminal Doppler Radar Display
This radar is located at the Indianapolis Airport and is used by air traffic controllers to vector aircraft around storms. It operates independently from the NWS radar and uses a different wavelength from the NWS radar. Consequently, it gives a slightly different presentation.
This display is automatically refreshed every ten minutes.

IND Radar

Links for National Radar Sites using Javascript

Links for National Radar Sites without Javascript (for smart phones)

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